How to Prepare for your NeuroCoaching Call

The Neurocoaching Call is a followup call after the Transformational Initiative. This 30-minute call focuses on the work done in the previous session. Clients report dramatic life changes, updates on how they feel, and new perspectives regarding the issues we processed. This call can be a continuation of processing work or a simple discussion or a question and answer session. The process of healing can be mysterious.

1. When a NeuroCoaching is scheduled, tell me if you prefer phone, facetime or SKYPE time.

    PHONE: YOU WILL CALL at 412-344-2272 at the exact time of your appointment. I will be sitting in my office ready for you. You will have my full attention. I do not answer other calls or respond to emails during your prepaid session. 

    SKYPE: If your long-distance service is limited, a free internet phone service called SKYPE is an option. It is a free service when both parties have SKYPE on their computers. It is easy to download SKYPE. Go to My SKYPE name is sannacarapellotti. Invite me to 'friend you' similar to a Facebook request.
     PRE-REQUISITES: Your computer must have a camera. 

2. If you call me after the start time, I can only guarantee the allotted time. I understand that 'things' happen, however, remember you paid for and agreed to this scheduled time. 

3. If a minor child (14 - 18) is scheduled for service, a parent or guardian will have already signed a 'consent to work with child form.' The session is private and must occur without parents in the room. Recommendations will be offered to a parent and the child. I cannot work on the phone with children younger than 14 and certain situations with teens.

4. At the time of your appointment, turn off your cell phone (if using skype), TV and iPad. There are no exceptions. If you have to answer a call, the session is over. 

5. Advise family members (and pets!) that this is your private time and you are not to be disturbed.

6. Preparing yourself for your session:

  • Be comfortable.
  • Choose a room that offers privacy and a door you can shut (If other people are at home).
  • Sit in a comfortable chair, couch or bed.
  • Have a beverage for yourself.
  • Have a pen and paper available for note-taking. I may send a few notes, depending on what we do.
  • Kleenex is also a good idea.
  • You can play soft music in the background and/or light a candle.

7. As we begin I want to hear any updates, such as, how your life has changed and what has occurred or not occurred. As you consider the presenting problem that prompted services, how do the issues feel to you now? We can review any strategies and do additional work. Keep the focus on the presenting issue. 

Before you call me, close the door, sit quietly for a few moments to focus on what you want to accomplish. We will discuss the possibility of continued services if you need them.

At the appointment time, call me at 412-344-2272 or log into SKYPE. If we are using faceTime, I will send you my cell phone number.

Thank You! I look forward to our time together and am honored to assist you.

Sanna Carapellotti
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